How oral health impacts overall health in Clearwater, Florida When it comes to tooth health, people tend to think that any issues that arise will be confined only to the mouth area. That’s far from the truth. Neglecting their mouth can lead to many other ramifications, some of them quite serious.

It’s impossible to overstate how very important it is for people to stay on track with their oral hygiene. Here’s why:

Road Map to the Body

If people get gum infections, it can wind up wreaking a lot more havoc than just on the teeth and gums. Should things become quite advanced, they will possibly have to worry about a lot more than just some loose or lost teeth. The reason for this is that one’s mouth is not a closed system.

The jaw is a very important entry point – not only do people use it to chew their food, but bacteria can easily enter the bloodstream this way. Most of the time this is a harmless form and the body’s immune system can fight off most intruders… but there are others that can wind up contributing to a lot of maladies that might not seem to be interconnected at first glance. 

Possible Conditions

This is just a shortlist of some of the things that bacteria entering the bloodstream via the mouth can cause: 

  • Cardiovascular Disease – People can have their arteries clogged in part by the interaction of the bacteria in the bloodstream. As a result, people can have strokes or heart attacks. 
  • Heart Inflammation- The bacteria can also cause inflammation in the inner lining of the heart. This is called endocarditis and there is a direct correlation between the bacteria and this. 
  • Pneumonia – The body can pull some of the bacteria into one’s lungs and that can grow and cause pneumonia. This can be worrisome since it can rapidly worsen and even supposedly healthy people can be in grave condition soon thereafter. 

Pregnant women have to be especially careful since they are more susceptible to gum issues while they are carrying their babies due to hormones. If not kept in check, this could even cause complications pre-birth and can even result in the baby being low in weight when born or being premature. 

Having a compromised immune system, like those who have HIV, can be very susceptible to other infections because there are lesions in their mouth that can then transmit bacteria. Diabetes can also weaken the immune system. Other problems that can arise include Alzheimer’s. Arthritis and certain cancers are also a possibility. 

While there are many other factors that go into having a healthy body, like diet, exercise, and getting ample rest, having excellent oral health can give one a much better chance of having a longer life than not. People really do not have to carve out too much time to do it, either. Perhaps they may get up 10-15 minutes earlier in the morning and devote two of those minutes to proper brushing and then spending another two minutes before bedtime and tacking on a whole another minute to flossing. It’s five minutes a day. 

Using that minuscule amount of time each day can build a successful foundation for strong teeth and gums. Regular six-month dental visits can help stay on track. Ultimately, people who do this are investing in themselves… and it can have quite a rich benefit.

The staff at Dental Emergency Room has seen people with teeth and gums in all kinds of conditions, ranging from damaged ones due to accidents to tooth pain from gum disease. They know that healthy teeth are essential… and they can act as general dentists too, proving a place for patients to come for regular checkups. People can call 727-449-2424 to make an appointment.

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