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Whether you need your teeth whitened or just want to improve the look of your teeth, gums or your bite, you can come see us. We can do a lot of things to make your smile the best it can be… and all at a price that you are sure to love. Best of all, we take almost any kind of dental insurance – you get to keep more money in your pockets. Check us out!

Treat Any Dental Emergency
With Our Certified Dentists

Severe Tooth Pain

Severe Tooth

When you are experiencing severe tooth pain and need immediate assistance, get help from our Clearwater Emergency dentists at The Dental Emergency Room.

Dental Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

Dental Injuries Caused
By Car Accidents

Car accidents can cause a wide range of serious injuries, including dental injuries, which can be painful and put your overall oral health at risk if you don’t get treated.

Abscessed Tooth


An abscessed tooth can cause pain, bad breath, fever, and other serious symptoms that our Clearwater dentist can help address to give you relief.

Cracked Or Broken Teeth

Cracked Or

Broken Teeth

Cracked and broken teeth can be extremely painful, and at The Dental Emergency Room, our trusted team of emergency dentists can find the right treatment for you.

Pain Caused By Orthodontic Appliances

Pain Caused By
Orthodontic Appliances

Orthodontic appliances can cause a lot of pain and discomfort that only a certified dentist can help relieve. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom Teeth

At The Dental Emergency Room, we provide affordable emergency dentistry for when your wisdom teeth are impacted and causing you severe pain and swelling.

Oral & Tooth Infections

Oral &
Tooth Infections

Tooth infections can cause severe throbbing pain in the jaw, neck, or ear, which can be a strong indication that you need to seek emergency dental care as soon as possible.

Broken Crowns, Bridges or Dentures

Broken Crowns, Bridges
Or Dentures

If your bridges, crowns, or dentures have been damaged, visit our trusted emergency dental office near Clearwater, Florida to get the immediate care you need!

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    Certified Dental Emergency Procedures

    Best Dental Emergency Care In Clearwater

    Emergency Tooth
    Extraction Dentists

    Our emergency tooth extractions dentists in Clearwater, Florida use the latest in tooth removal technology and cutting edge techniques to give you quick relief!

    24-Hours Emergency Dentist

    Tooth Infection
    Treatments For Pain Relief

    Get help from our tooth infection dentists for the most efficient and affordable pain relief in Clearwater at The Dental ER. Contact us today to learn more!

    Dental Check Ups

    Qualified Dentists
    For Oral Surgery

    When you are in need of painless oral surgery procedures in Clearwater, contact our qualified emergency dentists at The Dental ER to get the best care in Florida.

    Trusted Oral Sedation In Clearwater

    Effective Oral
    Sedation Dentistry

    Many people are nervous when they visit the dentist, which is why we provide the best solutions and effective oral sedation dentistry in Clearwater from our #1 emergency dentists.

    Clearwater Dental Veneers

    Professional Crown, Bridge & Denture Repair

    When your crowns, bridges, or dentures fail or break, it’s critical to get them repaired in a timely manner with help from our affordable emergency dentists.

    Licensed Laser Dentistry

    Experienced Dentists
    In Tooth FIllings

    Using the most advanced dental techniques, our experienced tooth filling dentists can give you immediate relief from your tooth pain.

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    Hands down this place is the Best dental clinic in the twin cities. Got an appointment for a tooth extraction on the same day I called in was in so much pain and left the clinic happy…officially made this my regular dental and highly recommend it to all in need of an tooth emergency.

    Zeitun A.★★★★★

    also didn’t rush the process he made sure that I understood what was going on and why. Also, the front desk was very nice and polite as well! The dentist he definitely knew what he was talking about which I liked a lot! I will definitely recommend and I will definitely come back and my family liked it as well, thanks!

    Kee J.★★★★★

    I had been in so much pain every dentist I called said they were booked or needed multiple consultations. Thank god I found the dental emergency room I got my painful tooth pulled quickly and was back to work the next morning!!!

    Carmella D.★★★★★

    Frequently Asked Questions
    About Our Dental Services

    Dental emergencies are typically classified as an incident involving your mouth and teeth that require immediate medical and dental assistance from a certified professional.
    At The Dental Emergency Room, we offer the most cost effective emergency dental treatments in Clearwater, Florida, giving you the medical attention you need. Contact us about the specials and promotions we have available for Dental ER patients!
    If you lose a tooth filling, it can cause damage to the entirety of the exposed tooth. It can collect bacteria and cause decay, so it’s best to get a tooth filling replaced as soon as possible.
    A tooth infection can be created by an abscess that can also lead to other issues. Usually, antibiotics will help resolve the tooth infection and alleviate a majority of the symptoms within two days. The abscess will then almost completely heal within five days. If you have a tooth infection, visit with our trusted emergency dentists at the Dental ER.
    If you’ve knocked out a tooth, the first thing you should do is collect the tooth in a safe manner so as not to contaminate it, and then you should visit your local emergency dentist to get help treating the injury properly.
    After your wisdom teeth are removed, recovery can take up to two weeks to fully recover from the majority of the symptoms. For more information about a wisdom tooth removal recovery, consult with our tooth extraction dentists today.

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