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    Treat Broken Teeth, Infections & Urgent Conditions Near Largo

    Broken teeth, infections, and any other urgent tooth condition can be extremely uncomfortable. When you’re experiencing tooth pain from these conditions, you want to get it treated right away, and you should! At The Dental Emergency Room, our staff is highly skilled with years of training in dentistry making them your trusted Largo dentists in any emergency. With years of experience and thousands of happy patients, you won’t regret reaching out to us to have your tooth problem done right.

    Largo Dentists Specializing In Emergency Dentistry Including:

    Emergency Dentistry For Tooth Pain Near Largo, FL

    Severe Tooth Pain

    Find out what is causing your severe tooth pain by coming into our Largo dental office for an efficient and detailed exam.

    Emergency Dentistry For Dental Injuries Or Trauma Near Largo, FL

    Dental Injuries Or Trauma Caused By Accidents

    No dental injury or tooth trauma is too large for our dentists. We’ve seen it all and are committed to helping you get your smile back.

    Emergency Dentistry For Abscessed Tooth Near Largo, FL

    Abscessed Tooth

    Abscessed teeth that are ignored can cause a myriad of more serious symptoms. Contact us today to have yours taken care of!

    Emergency Dentistry For Cracked Or Broken Teeth Near Largo, FL

    Cracked Or Broken Teeth

    Experience relief from pain and a healthy looking smile after you have The Dental Emergency Room address your cracked and broken teeth!

    Emergency Dentistry For Pain Caused By Orthodontic Appliances Near Largo, FL

    Pain Caused By Orthodontic Appliances

    Orthodontic appliances are meant to help straighten your teeth, but they are known to cause a lot of pain. Let our certified dentists help!

    Emergency Dentistry For Dental Restoration Repair Near Largo, FL

    Loose Or Lost Dental Restorations

    If you’ve had a crown, dental implant, bridge or other dental restoration come loose or disappear altogether, our certified dentists have you covered!

    Emergency Dentistry For Impacted Wisdom Teeth Near Largo, FL

    Impacted Wisdom Teeth

    Most wisdom teeth extractions are simple, but some people experience impacted wisdom teeth which can cause a lot of pain if not treated. Contact The Dental ER to have yours removed.

    Emergency Dentistry For Oral And Tooth Infections Near Largo, FL

    Oral & Tooth Infections

    Oral and tooth infections cause a significant amount of pain that can be taken care of at our Largo dentist facility.

    Emergency Dentistry For Broken Crowns, Bridges Or Dentures Near Largo, FL

    Broken Crowns, Bridges Or Dentures

    Have you noticed your crown, bridge, or dentures have a crack or are broken in some way? Trust our dentists to help!

    Emergency Dentistry For Emergency Tooth Extraction Near Largo, FL

    Emergency Tooth Extraction

    In some tooth extraction cases, the pain is unbearable and there is no time to wait. Contact us to have your emergency tooth extraction done for quick relief.

    Why Choose Our Emergency Dental Services Near Largo

    As a top-rated Largo emergency dental service, there are many reasons why residents choose us for their emergency needs. From reliability to integrity to in-depth experience to top-of-the-line tools, we are sure to provide you with the best dental service possible. We know that many people find dentists to be intimidating so we ensure the top-notch methods to make your treatment as quick and pain free as possible providing you with a positive experience in the end.

    • We Offer Comprehensive Care & Immediate Relief

      At The Dental Emergency Room, we prioritize immediate relief so that we can give you comprehensive care that will leave you with a healthy smile.

    • High-Qualified & Certified Dentists

      Our certified dentists are highly qualified having gone through extensive training and continually keep up-to-date on the latest in methods and technology.

    • Convenient Dental Office Near You

      Not only do we provide excellent service, we are also conveniently located near you so you don’t have to travel very far for pain relief!

    Our Patients’ Testimonials

    Largo’s Trusted Emergency Dentistry With 5-Star Reviews

    This place is awesome!! I had an emergency this morning when one of my crowns fell out and I lost the tooth. And it was a front tooth. I called the office in a panic and they got me in right away. From the moment I walked in the door Jackey and Dena were so comforting. They made me feel like family. I can’t say enough how nice Jackey and Dena were to me. Thank you so much for helping me thru this difficult time. I will definitely be back to get some other work done on my teeth.

    5 Star Rated Patient Reviews

    Stephanie Beattie ★★★★★

    Amazing people. I am the biggest dental coward but they put me at ease! I had a broken and infected wisdom tooth pulled and Dr. Hampe was gentle and soothing during the process. I didn’t feel an ounce of pain and it was over before I knew it.

    Brad Simmons ★★★★★

    Hands down this place is the Best dental clinic in the twin cities. Got an appointment for a tooth extraction on the same day I called in was in so much pain and left the clinic happy…officially made this my regular dental and highly recommend it to all in need of an tooth emergency.

    Zeitun A. ★★★★★

    Convenient Dental Care Near Largo: Accepting Most Major Dental Insurance Plans

    We know that dental care can be expensive and many people don’t prioritize it until it’s too late. Because of this, we accept most major dental insurance plans! We want to make our Largo dental emergency services as accessible as possible to everyone so that when you get your much-needed tooth procedure, it will be at little to no cost to you! Contact us today to find out if your dental plan will work!

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    FAQs About Our Tooth Extraction Services

    FAQs About Our Dental Emergency Services

    The Dental Emergency Room specializes in emergency dental procedures which means when you’re in pain and in need of help, we will get you in right away! We want to provide a solution to your dental problem and relieve you of pain giving you back the healthy smile you deserve. Contact us today to make an appointment!
    Not to worry! One of the services we provide is handling severe tooth pain! If you’re experiencing severe pain, it qualifies as an emergency that we want to help you with! However, if you’re still not sure if you should come in, feel free to contact our friendly customer service representatives and we can help you decide what your best step is to become pain free!
    Absolutely! We handle all sorts of emergencies from wisdom tooth removal to cracked, broken, or chipped teeth! Our certified dentists are highly trained and skilled to handle all types of emergencies and will help you get back the smile you want! Contact us today to make an appointment and see how our Largo dentists can help you!
    Yes! When you are experiencing pain due to an abscessed tooth, crack in your tooth, an infection, or other dental emergency, it is generally safe to take over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. These pain medications can help you get through the pain until you’re able to see our dentists who will relieve the pain for good.
    After your tooth extraction, your dentist will give you directions on how to care for your gums at the site of the extraction. Be sure to follow these directions as your dentist knows what is best in your scenario. However, it is generally advised to keep the site clean, rinsing with antimicrobial mouthwash several times a day as well as taking the medication prescribed by your Largo dentist.

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    Emergency Dentistry Serving Largo & Surrounding Areas

    Get Dental Pain Relief Near Archwood South Haven, Largo

    Experiencing Dental Pain In Archwood South Haven? Contact Us For Immediate Relief

    If you live in Archwood South Haven and find yourself with unexplained severe mouth pain, contact us right away!

    Broken Tooth Repair Near Village Green, Largo

    Broken Tooth Or Lost Crown In Village Green? Our Skilled Team Is Ready To Restore Your Smile

    When you are in need of emergency dental services in Village Green, look no further than The Dental Emergency Room for help!

    Emergency Dental Services For Toothache Near Mill Pond, Largo

    Unbearable Toothache In Mill Pond? Our Emergency Dental Care Can Provide The Relief You’re Looking For

    Experience top-notch dental procedures in Mill Pond as our dentists stay up-to-date on all their tools and methods!

    Dental Treatment For Infections And Swelling Near Wyatt Street, Largo

    Swelling Or Infection Near Wyatt Street? Contact Us For Urgent Dental Treatment

    Whether you’re experiencing swelling, infection, or an abscessed tooth near Wyatt Street, we have you covered!

    Dental Filling And Crown Repairs Near Belle Oak Villas, Largo

    Lost A Dental Filling Or Crown In Belle Oak Villas? Call Us Today To Prevent Further Damage

    Have you suddenly lost a filling or crown in Belle Oak Villas? Our certified dentists will take care of you and give you back your fantastic smile.

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