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    Prevent And Treat Broken Teeth, Periodontal Disease & Other Painful Conditions

    The Dental ER is proud to offer affordable, painless tooth extraction services in Clearwater. We are committed to providing the highest quality dental care possible and proudly accept most insurance plans so that you can get the emergency care you deserve. We get right to the root of your pain so that we can address it and help you smile bright again.

    Why Choose Our Emergency Dental Extraction Services

    Whether you have broken teeth, swollen gums, cavities, or other painful oral conditions, The Dental ER is an excellent resource. Our Clearwater dentist’s office carries five-star ratings across the web from countless patients who have walked in with extreme pain and walked out with a smile and a fresh perspective on life. Don’t hesitate to contact The Dental ER!

    • Fast & Affordable Tooth Extractions

      Our Clearwater emergency tooth extractions are both fast and painless, always at an affordable rate!

    • Qualified & Certified Extraction Dentists

      Our dental team is licensed and qualified to address all types of painful conditions you may be facing.

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      We keep our schedule open to accommodate emergency walk-ins, so contact The Dental ER at any time!

    Our Patients’ Reviews

    5-Star Rated Wisdom Teeth Removal Dentists In Clearwater

    This place is awesome!! I had an emergency this morning when one of my crowns fell out and I lost the tooth. And it was a front tooth. I called the office in a panic and they got me in right away. From the moment I walked in the door Jackey and Dena were so comforting. They made me feel like family. I can’t say enough how nice Jackey and Dena were to me. Thank you so much for helping me thru this difficult time. I will definitely be back to get some other work done on my teeth.

    5 Star Rated Patient Reviews

    Stephanie Beattie ★★★★★

    Amazing people. I am the biggest dental coward but they put me at ease! I had a broken and infected wisdom tooth pulled and Dr. Hampe was gentle and soothing during the process. I didn’t feel an ounce of pain and it was over before I knew it.

    Brad Simmons ★★★★★

    Hands down this place is the Best dental clinic in the twin cities. Got an appointment for a tooth extraction on the same day I called in was in so much pain and left the clinic happy…officially made this my regular dental and highly recommend it to all in need of an tooth emergency.

    Zeitun A. ★★★★★

    Accepting Most Dental Insurance Plans

    At The Dental ER, we believe everyone deserves the chance for a pain-free, quality life. That is why we offer tooth extractions and other Clearwater emergency dental services at an affordable rate, and proudly accept most dental insurance plans. We also offer a variety of flexible repayment plans, and are willing to work with you and your budget.

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    FAQs About Our Tooth Extraction Services

    FAQs About Our Tooth Extraction Services

    Yes, though this usually happens when people are in their early 20s into their 30s. That is when the wisdom tooth or teeth will likely erupt and need to be removed. This all depends on whether the particular wisdom tooth will also be able to just fit into your mouth. Generally, though, that age range is when the tooth will be taken out.
    No, not necessarily. If you can get the tooth and put it back in its socket or in a special solution such as milk before going to the emergency dentist, there is a chance that the tooth can be replanted. Time is of the essence, though. Do not hesitate to clean off the tooth with water and avoid touching the root and go as quick as you can to your dentist. It needs to be moist, since if it dries out, it becomes breakable.

    Your dentist may try to save your tooth by doing a root canal procedure. This will get rid of any infected pulp. But sometimes the infection has progressed too far and that means that the tooth needs to be removed. The dentist will then clean out the area and discuss the possibility of a dental implant to fill the empty space and avoid shifting teeth. The infection does need to be gone, though. Give us a call at 727-449-2424 if you have symptoms of infection.

    Generally, you can go back to work in the next day or so after the extraction. You just need to be careful and avoid things like smoking or drinking from a straw. This can affect the clotting. Your dentist may also tell you to not lift heavy items for a couple of weeks. But the actual recovery takes very little time. Be sure to put ice on the area to reduce swelling and any pain can usually be managed with Tylenol.
    The most important thing you can do is keep the area clean. You can gently swish your mouth with warm salt water for 30 seconds at a time. The salt helps kill bacteria. Brush around the area at first. Rest will aid you in healing. Try to take it as easy as possible for a bit. Go see your dentist if the pain gets worse or you notice discharge coming from the extraction area.

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