Financial Considerations

Financial Considerations

Of course money issues are important and may influence the treatment that you choose.
Second opinions are always advisable if there is any question concerning your diagnosis, treatment recommendations or financial issues.

In many professions,( lawyers for example), the fee or cost difference between an experienced professional and an associate or recent graduate can be dramatic.

Surprisingly, in this area,  the services of the most experienced specialist may cost no more than those of a recent graduate or a non specialist .  Its been our experience that the cost variation between practitioners is usually far less than 20%.
A detailed cost estimate will be provided before any treatment is performed,  after a doctors examination and any necessary x rays.  No treatment will be started without your signed consent and agreement.

The Dental ER can provide  ADA approved insurance forms to submit to your insurance company for payment directly to you (we will also fill out any other insurance or administrative forms that you provide). Insurance companies are required to pay you directly for any covered expenses that you may have paid for.

The Dental ER is a private practice and does not accept payment directly from any insurance company, HMO or governmental agency.

The Dental ER accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, most debit and ATM cards as well as travelers checks and cash. 

 Personal checks and business checks are not accepted.