What the future holds for electric toothbrushes in Clearwater, FL It used to be that the toothbrush aisle at most stores were predominantly filled with manual ones and the occasional electric one. Now electric toothbrushes have become quite affordable and they are filling up more and more shelf space. But that doesn’t mean that innovation has stopped – there are plenty of things that these brushes can do… and what’s around the corner for them.

Here are some cool things to learn about the current and upcoming electric toothbrushes.

Monitoring More than Just Brushing Time

There are electric toothbrushes, like the new Colgate Hum, which can also track what parts of the teeth are covered, how carefully the brush head is left in each spot… and how much time one spent brushing each time. Ideally, someone will brush for two minutes at a time with 30 seconds devoted to each quadrant and the bristles resting on each tooth to get the most food particles out.

The second thing that needs to be done is to sync the toothbrush with an app on one’s mobile phone. Colgate has an app for the Hum, for example. It can let you look at the data after each – and you can set the strength of the brushing. A normal brushing setting has the bristles spin at a certain speed, whereas a deep clean mode would have them go at a much higher frequency.

What the future holds for electric toothbrushes in Florida Improving Efficiency

One of the biggest things that people want when it comes to their electric toothbrush is for it to give off the right pressure. You don’t want it to be spinning so slowly that it equals a manual brush. On the other hand, having it spin so fast that it threatens to strip the enamel off your teeth is not good. So the brushmakers are looking for the sweet spot – just enough pressure to do the job. This will be the most efficient use of an electric toothbrush day in and day out.

Another thing they are experimenting with is both the size of the brush and the angle. Some are touting themselves as having a perfect 45-degree angle, which is supposed to hit the most important spots in the mouth and do the most thorough job of getting the food particles and plaque out. Also, there are some jumbo-sized brushes and ones that look like a mouthguard that vibrate at a high rate of speed.

Not Just Big Brands Are Making Them

Thanks to the presence of crowdfunding sites, people are able to make things that would have originally cost millions in terms of research and development. One area that is of particular interest are toothbrushes. There are a lot of innovations going on around the world, with people making brushes that use all different kinds of material – and they are also doing so with an eye on improving the ecology, too.

This means that they are making brushes that can be recycled or are much more biodegradable than in the past – one or two brushes in a landfill are not that bad, but when you think of the hundreds of thousands of people who throw out their brushes weekly… well, it can grow exponentially into an environmental hazard. The new materials pose less threat to wildlife.

There will be plenty more ways in the future for electric toothbrushes to be integrated with the technology of the times. This is just the beginning… and everyone will benefit from learning what works and what needs to be tweaked in their tooth brushing routine. As electric toothbrushes become even more ubiquitous, the prices will likely drop even more. There are ones that have both an option for replaceable and rechargeable batteries.

Like many other things that have had electric component added to them, it may take a bit of time to get used to brushing with them.

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