The Main Benefits Of Porcelain Veeners

Are you thinking about going to a cosmetic dentist in Clearwater, Florida to improve your smile? There are a variety of ways that they can help you. One suggestion might be to put porcelain veneers on the front of your teeth. Your Clearwater dentist will shave off a thin layer of enamel and then bond the veneer to the front of your tooth.

Veneers aren’t just for crooked teeth, though. There are other uses for them. If you have any of the following issues, you can come talk to your dentist.

Female patient about to get Porcelain Veneers in FL

They Can Protect Rough Or Underdeveloped Enamel

There may be some times when your teeth feel rough when you run your teeth over your tongue. That might mean that your enamel is either underdeveloped or if it is just the texture of your tooth. In either case, it can be either quite annoying or even a bit painful. 

You can get a veneer to cover that area and keep it from getting worse. Then your teeth will feel even and smooth again.

They Can Hide Stains & Discoloration

You can have stained or discolored teeth for a variety of reasons. In any event, it can make you feel shy and reluctant to smile around others. That can then make people get the wrong impression of you. 

When your Clearwater dentist makes your veneers, they can dye them so that they look perfectly white. That way, when you get them, you can confidently show off your grin to others. As a result, you can possibly see great improvements in both your personal and professional life. 

They Can Hide Rough Edges

You use your teeth for things like chewing. The last thing you want to worry about is possibly cutting your own tongue with your teeth. That is very annoying, to say the least. 

Veneers can take care of that problem for you. All the dentist has to do is put them on and you will have nice smooth-edged teeth. Your tongue will thank you for that. 

They Can Disguise Small Chips Or Cracks

While there are several options here, including dental bonding, this is a great choice. You won’t be worried about these chips or cracks when you have veneers in front of them. Then you will be glad to show off your teeth again. 

If your Clearwater dentist is worried that these chips or cracks might worsen and thus allow bacteria to get in and cause more serious dental issues, then they may opt to do other things. They will discuss any potential issues with you in great detail before beginning any procedure. 

They Can Help With Uneven Tooth Size Or Spacing

Are you afraid to show off your smile if you have teeth that are different sizes or unevenly spaced? Not to worry, your dentist will have you looking great with veneers. Then your teeth can look their proper size and space. 

The only concern here is if there is a big gap, like with a lost tooth. Then you might need a dental implant rather than a veneer to keep your other teeth from shifting  

They Can Do An Excellent Job In Place Of Braces

Oftentimes, when people have crooked teeth, they go to an orthodontist and they wear braces to straighten them. That is a time-consuming thing, though, and it involves going back regularly to have the wires tightened. You could use clear aligners, but it involves the same time commitment. 

Instead, you could opt to have the veneers put over those crooked teeth and be able to eat and drink close to the way that you did before? 

One thing to keep in mind is that when you get veneers, this will be a permanent thing due to your Clearwater dentist shaving off that layer of enamel. Be sure to have a full discussion with your dentist about this before fully proceeding. That way, you will have a clear understanding of what is going on. 

Getting veneers will require a few visits before the permanent ones are placed. You could have the process expedited but you need to be ready to pay extra for that. Your dentist will make sure that everything is in place. After that, you just need to go in for your regular twice-a-year dental cleanings.

Do you think that you may need porcelain veneers? Are you a resident of Clearwater, Florida? Come see us at The Dental Emergency Room. Our cosmetic dentists will examine you and see if you are a good candidate. Once they determine that, then you can be well on the way to getting your great smile back. Contact us today

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