How To Know If You Need Emergency Endodontic Treatment

Man About To Get a Root Canal Procedure Because Of Severe Tooth Pain In Florida

Your mouth hurts a bit or more than a bit. Will it be something that requires you to have a root canal or is it something that can just be helped with some pain relievers? Actually, the best answer is to see a Clearwater dentist to rule out needing the root canal – but it’s a good idea to know some of the warning signs. 

We’re here to help you. Here’s how to know if you need emergency endodontic treatment. 

Constant & Painful Toothaches Are a Common Sign

You find your tooth hurting all the time and it never stops, returning after you take a painkiller. This can mean that a cavity is burrowing its way down your tooth toward the nerves and pulp of your tooth. If it hits the nerve, that can create a very painful situation. You may feel like it is almost unbearable. If that is the case, you really need to get to the dentist quickly, because it is not going to get better. 

Sensitive Gums & Teeth May Indicate a Tooth Infection

An infection can make its way into your gum line and cause inflammation in parts of your mouth. That will result in sensitive gums and teeth. Sometimes it might be gum disease, like gingivitis, but it is not something you want to wait and see, especially since the gingivitis could turn into periodontitis. Also, if it is the tooth, you will want to see the dentist to examine it and determine if you need a root canal. 

Discolored Or Black Teeth Are a Serious Sign Of Infection

If you see your teeth any shade but white, you should see your St Petersburg dentist immediately. This can mean that other teeth are in danger of having something happen to them, so the dentist may have to do the root canal to prevent things from going completely awry and maybe even having you lose some teeth. 

Sometimes there might not be any telltale signs that your tooth is dead or infected, your dentist can do a stick test to ensure that the tooth is still viable. Should the test reveal a dead tooth, then that will necessitate the root canal to remove the root and pulp to prevent the situation from worsening in the future. 

Pus Coming Out Of An Abscessed Tooth Requires Endodontics

Pus coming out of your tooth is not pleasant to look at. This is also something that is a dental emergency. If you don’t have it quickly treated, you could get an infection that spreads well past your jaw, since the bacteria can get into your bloodstream. As a result, you could even find yourself with possible life threatening conditions attacking your body. At the very first sign of the pus, head to the dentist to get the tooth taken care of. 

Chipped Or Broken Teeth Can Lead To Damaged Pulp & Nerves

You damaged your tooth whether in a fall, during a game or biting down on something. Now you have a chipped or broken tooth. If not swiftly taken care of, the cracked tooth could expose the pulp and nerves, which could get infected from bacteria. Depending on the extent of the damage, your dentist could do a root canal or they might elect to remove the whole tooth since it is cracked beyond repair. If you get a dental implant, you are going to get a dental crown anyway. 

Emergency Root Canal Therapy Is Fast & Almost Painless

Demostration Of a Root Canal Procedure In Dental ER, Florida When you come see a St Petersburg emergency dentist, the goal is to fix the problem quickly and get you out of pain and discomfort. They will apply anesthetic that will keep you from feeling anything while they work on drilling to get to the root and pulp. People say that it tends to be no different than just having a cavity filled. Once the root and pulp are out, then they will go about getting the crown set up to protect your now dead tooth. 

Advances in dental technology have taken the once-dreaded root canal to a routine procedure with nearly no pain. Even back in those times, people were mostly remembering how much pain they were in before having it done. Now it takes one visit and one to fully bond the protective crown over your tooth. 

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Still, if you feel any of the above symptoms, you should contact your Clearwater dentist or go to a dental emergency room if you are feeling pain or having pus come out. The faster that you do this the faster you can be on the road to recovery.  Waiting too long can also lead to other complications, like infections. Do not hesitate to seek professional dental help immediately. 

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