Warning Signs Your Tooth Needs To Be Extracted ASAP

Warning Signs Your Tooth Needs To Be Extracted ASAP In Florida

You wake up with pain in your mouth. Before you go see a dentist in St. Petersburg, you need to have an idea of whether you might have to have an emergency tooth extraction. 

There are a variety of things that could be going on inside your mouth to warrant this being done and they can happen for a variety of reasons. Here are five reasons that you might have to have your tooth pulled out as quickly as possible. 

You Might Have An Impacted Wisdom Tooth

When you grow up, you first lose your children’s teeth. Those are then replaced by your adult teeth. Then there is a third group of teeth, usually four of them, called wisdom teeth that appear in the back of your mouth. They were important in our ancestors who ate a much rougher diet and needed those teeth. We do not need them anymore due to our modern diet. 

When the teeth come in, they tend to come in straight. But there are times that the tooth comes in at an angle. If the wisdom tooth cannot come in properly, you will have discomfort and even possibly severe pain. That is why the dentist will have to remove your tooth to prevent any further problems. Then you can have a healthy, pain-free mouth again. 

You Might Have a Fractured Tooth Under Your Gums

You chew on things every day. It is a natural process. But your upper and lower teeth might not be perfectly aligned. So that when you bite up and down and the teeth make contact with each other, it creates pressure that can eventually lead to a fractured lower tooth. You can also get a fractured tooth after a root canal. Both are situations that will require them to remove the tooth, especially if it is below the gums. 

You Might Have Severe Tooth Decay

Things happen and buildup makes it way through the enamel and a cavity will form and start burrowing into your tooth. That will eventually make its way to your roots and nerves. That could lead to things like infections that could cause health problems down the road. So swift action might be needed.

This is because a cavity might become so deep that not even a filling or a root canal will be able to save it. So the tooth would need to be extracted. 

You Might Have Periodontal Disease

There are two types of periodontal disease – gingivitis and periodontitis. The first is reversible if you resume brushing and flossing like you should. Periodontitis is not reversible and if a deep cleaning cannot get the job done then you may be looking at an emergency tooth extraction to keep an infection from spreading to other teeth and causing those to become loose and fall out. 

You Might Have Crowded Teeth

Five Common Reasons You May Need To Have a Tooth Pulled Immediately In Dental ER, Florida Normally, your teeth grow into your jaw and fit perfectly. But there are times that there are more teeth than your mouth can accommodate. This is called overcrowding. It can make things quite uncomfortable. A tooth might need to be extracted in order to ensure that the teeth are properly slotted and not crowding against each other. Then you will have a comfortable mouth again. 

Once you do have the tooth pulled, you need to follow the directions your dentist gives you in order to ensure a smooth recovery post-extraction. That includes not smoking the day after or drinking from a straw. That way, you will allow the blood clot to remain in place. You can manage any soreness with Tylenol. If the pain increases or if there is any discharge, you should go back to your dentist immediately. 

This is a routine procedure, one that is done daily. Dentists have anesthetic that can make it painless. Recovery time is minimal – though you might have to wait a couple of weeks to do any physical activity. Your dentist might want you to come back after three months just to make sure that you are back on track. Then you will be able to enjoy a pain free mouth again. 

If you have tooth pain, you should go see St. Petersburg’s best emergency dentist. The staff at the Dental Emergency Room are experts at tooth extraction. They will make it a smooth process. Give a call to make an appointment: 727-449-2424. 

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