Clearwater Dentists Explain The Benefits Of Sleep Dentistry For Dental Anxiety

Twice-yearly dental visits are an extremely important part of people’s oral health routine. There are people who don’t do this, though. It’s not because they are lacking finances or dental insurance. They are scared. You may be one of those people. It’s not a situation to be mocked… but it is vital that you find a way to get past it.

It used to be that you had next to no options save for steeling yourself to go. That’s not the case. Now you can be sedated. You can learn about dental phobia and the importance of sedation dentistry. Clearwater dentists explain the benefits of sleep dentistry for dental anxiety.

What Is Dentophobia?

A dentist patient overcoming his dental phobia in OhioSimply put, dentophobia, or as some others call it, “dental phobia” means that you have a fear of going to the dentist. It can be rooted from any number of things, including having a bad dental experience yourself or hearing about a bad dental visit from a friend or family member. Thus, it makes you want to avoid going to see the dentist at all.

This can be very dangerous, since gum disease can set in and quickly turn from something reversible to an infection running rampant, winding up with your losing teeth and needing expensive dental work. There has to be something that can help… and there is… in the form of sedation dentistry. This will help you relax and even possibly sleep through your procedure, depending on what you choose.

What Are Some Sleep Dentistry Options?

You have several choices that you can make, depending on your level of anxiety.
They include:

  • Minimal: You will be relaxed but also awake throughout the procedure. This might mean medication like Xanax is used.
  • Moderate: This is a stronger version of the above. You will be conscious but will likely not remember a good portion of the procedure.
  • Deep: You are very close to being unconscious, but the dentist will still be able to wake you up if needed.
  • General Anesthesia: You will be unconscious throughout the procedure.

Sedation Makes Dental Procedures More Practical & Quick

These procedures can take a while when the patient is awake. When you are asleep, the dentist can focus exclusively on what needs to be done. That means a shorter amount of time needed. They can just move from one stage to the next without needing to pause. The result: Less time in the chair for you.

Pain-Free Tooth Extractions, Dental Implant Installations & Root Canal Treatments

This will help you, since the dentist can extract or drill without your feeling it. They can pull on the tooth or do work to prepare your teeth for dental implant or a root canal. When they start a dental implant,they will actually be drilling into the bone so that they can insert a titanium screw that will act as the new root for the replacement tooth that you will receive.

Another benefit of sedation dentistry is one for the dentists themselves. They will be able to get more work done while the patient is asleep and not have to worry about having to stop periodically for things like rinsing. They may be able to do a couple of procedures in one day rather than have to split it up into two or more appointments to get the job done.

Anterograde Amnesia Inducement: Forget A Stressful Dentist Visit

Pain-Free Tooth Extractions, Dental Implant Installations & Root Canal Treatments In Clearwater, OH

People may think that this part sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. It’s a reality. What happens is that the dentist will have you in the twilight sedation, where you are close to being asleep but are not fully asleep. They then will give you a very small dose of general anesthesia. This temporarily prevents any new memories from being formed… and you will not remember anything that happened during the visit.

An important thing to remember is that if you do elect to have some form of sleep dentistry, you need to have someone drive you to and from the dental office, since your reflexes will be impaired afterward. You should probably also rest for the remainder of the day and follow any post-treatment instructions that the Clearwater dentist gives you.

It’s important to conquer your dental phobia. You may think that you take good enough care of your teeth and gums at home, but a twice-yearly dental visit routine will catch a lot of things that you missed… and likely those things will be in early treatable stages as opposed to possibly requiring you to have much more expensive work done later. If you do this, then you will have a healthy smile for quite a long time.

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