Clearwater Dentists Explain The Treatment Alternatives For Dental Caries

You went to a dental appointment and found that you have a cavity. That means your Clearwater dentist will have to drill and clear out the decay before putting in a filling. What material do you want? Are they all safe? Are they durable? You want to do your research before getting back in that dentist’s chair.

Is Amalgam Safe For Treating Tooth Decay?

Are Amalgam Fillings Safe For Treating Tooth Decay?Dental amalgam fillings have been used by dentists for 100 years. They like the fact that it is very malleable and easy to insert into the tooth to fill the area that was just drilled. Once the material hardens, it is very durable and can last for a very long time. They also like its compatibility with living tissue. So… if this is all so great, then why are people worried about it? Two words: Liquid Mercury.

When the filling is created, this liquid plays a big part of its formation. People see ‘mercury’ in the ingredients and they worry about having it in their bloodstream like what they see about tuna fish and other fish having too much of it. There are different types, though, and the fillings don’t use the toxic kind of mercury. It’s safe for people six years and up.

Having Old Metal Fillings May Require a Safe Dental Filling Material

The older metal fillings may wind up being a risk to get cracked teeth. If you have dental amalgam in your teeth, though, there is no need to replace it if it’s still good. Those mercury fears are unfounded and having them removed can wind up weakening the structure of your tooth… and you could possibly wind up needing to have a root canal and subsequent crown placed over the tooth.

If you don’t like the silver look of the dental amalgam fillings, you have several other choices to pick from. They range in price and appearance, so be sure to discuss this with your Clearwater dentist before moving forward. Here are are three of them:

Composite Dental Fillings

This has become a popular option for patients over the past few years. They like the fact that there is no metal in the fillings and also how they can match the original color and shape of the tooth. Besides filling cavities, they can also fill tooth gaps and make worn enamel look like new. Like dental amalgam, they are quite durable.

Porcelain & Ceramic Tooth Fillings

These fillings have also gained in popularity. They can match the look and color of your natural tooth and are also durable. This is a good choice if you want a filling that will not even appear to be a filling. One con is that you will have to have two appointments for this whereas the others can be done the same day.

Resin & Glass Ionomer Dental Fillings

Professional Dental Amalgam Filling Procedure in Clearwater, FLWhen it comes to comparing this to the other choices, glass ionomer fillings are mostly used for temporary fillings. They are not durable compared to the others. One good use might be if a baby tooth needed something until the adult tooth came in. Otherwise, it’s not a good long-term option. One benefit is that they have fluoride as a component, and it can wind up helping protect your teeth. Still, it would be better to just brush twice a day to be able to get the fluoride.

There are a lot of choices out there, but if you do like the dental amalgam fillings, then you should not worry about proceeding with those. They are completely safe and will be able to do the job of protecting your teeth for a good amount of time. Just be sure to watch what you eat – no hard candies around the area of the filling. That can cause your tooth to crack.

Ultimately, whatever kind of filling you get will be based on your budget and whatever kind of aesthetic you want to present to people around you. If one option seems too expensive for you, you can always talk about a payment plan with the Florida dentist. You also need to see how much your insurance will pay. But once you have it, then you will be able to show off your smile to everyone.

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