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Trust your smile to Dunedin’s leading dental experts specializing in full dental implants. At The Dental Emergency, we offer precision treatment and personalized care to ensure optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction. Our skilled team is dedicated to restoring your confidence and oral health thanks to today’s highest-quality implants. We offer a wide range of dental services, including fluoride treatments and sealants, as well as therapeutic operations such as Dunedin dental implants, veneers, and fillings. Additionally, we accept practically all types of dental insurance, so you can retain more money in your pocket. Call us now for a free consultation!

Our Patients’ Testimonials

5-Star Rated Dental Implant Dentists In Dunedin

Hands down this place is the Best dental clinic in the twin cities. Got an appointment for a tooth extraction on the same day I called in was in so much pain and left the clinic happy…officially made this my regular dental and highly recommend it to all in need of an tooth emergency.

Zeitun A. ★★★★★

Also didn’t rush the process he made sure that I understood what was going on and why. Also, the front desk was very nice and polite as well! The dentist he definitely knew what he was talking about which I liked a lot! I will definitely recommend and I will definitely come back and my family liked it as well, thanks!

Kee J. ★★★★★

I had been in so much pain every dentist I called said they were booked or needed multiple consultations. Thank god I found the dental emergency room I got my painful tooth pulled quickly and was back to work the next morning!!!

Carmella D. ★★★★★

Our Dental Implant Services:

Traditional Implants

Experience reliable and lasting solutions with our traditional dental implants. Designed to mimic natural teeth, they provide exceptional support and stability, improving chewing ability and overall oral health without compromising neighboring teeth. It’s a safe and reliable procedure for missing teeth.

Single Tooth Implants

Single-tooth implants offer a robust and aesthetically pleasing solution for missing teeth. They integrate seamlessly with your natural teeth, enhancing your smile while preserving tooth alignment and jaw health. It’s a great option when there isn’t enough bone left to support.

All-On-Four Implants

Our All-On-Four implants provide a comprehensive replacement option with just four implants supporting all teeth. This cost-effective and efficient procedure restores full functionality and appearance, even in cases of significant tooth loss. These implants work like a support mechanism for the placement of new teeth.

Cutting-Edge Dental Implant Procedures Near Dunedin

Affordable Tooth Replacement With Dental Implants Near Dunedin

Preferred Dentists In Dunedin For Tooth Replacement

If you’re looking for an advanced and reliable tooth replacement service, you came to the right place. Our skilled dentists use the latest techniques and materials to ensure your new teeth look natural and your smile lasts a lifetime.

Comfortable And Natural-Looking Dental Implants Near Dunedin, FL

Natural-Looking & Comfortable Solutions With Our Dental Implants

Our implants are carefully crafted to match your natural teeth, providing a comfortable, secure fit. Enjoy a permanent solution to tooth loss that looks and feels natural with our dental implants.

Thorough Assessment And Evaluation Before A Dental Implants Procedure

Thorough Assessment To Determine The Best Treatment Plan

We conduct comprehensive evaluations to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific dental needs, ensuring the best possible outcomes. Rest assured that we evaluate all your needs before starting any process to guarantee only the best results for your smile.

Tailored Care And Guidance From Experienced Dentists Near Dunedin

Tailored Dental Care & Expert Guidance From Experienced Specialists

Our team of skilled dentists offers tailored dental care, guiding you through each step of the implant process. We’re dedicated to providing expert care and ensuring your comfort and satisfaction. Our goal is to make you smile confidently without any added stress.

Dental Implant Procedure With Post-Treatment Care

Post-Treatment Care To Accomplish Your Goals & Sustain Your Results

Post-treatment care is crucial for maintaining the health and longevity of your dental implants. We provide detailed guidance to help you achieve and sustain your new smile, including what products to use and to avoid.

The Advantages Of Our Dental Implant Procedures

Natural-Looking Appearance

Our dental implants are indistinguishable from natural teeth, enhancing your smile without the typical tell-tale signs of dental work. They create a stable and sturdy foundation for the replacement teeth, making sure they look and feel like natural teeth.

Enhanced Function

Enjoy the full function of natural teeth with our implants, designed to improve your ability to eat and speak clearly. They correct the position of your teeth, allowing you to bite and eat comfortably, and they also remove any speech impairments caused by missing teeth.

Improved Oral Health

Implants help maintain oral health by preventing bone loss and stabilizing the jaw structure, contributing to overall facial aesthetics. At the same time, it preserves a healthy smile, and it requires the same oral hygiene practices as natural teeth.

Durable Long-Term Solution

Dental implants offer a durable solution, lasting many years with proper care, and making them a cost-effective choice for tooth replacement. It’s a smart choice to guarantee a healthy smile.

Jawbone Preservation

Implants play a key role in preserving the jawbone and preventing bone deterioration, which occurs with missing teeth, maintaining the structure of your face and oral health.

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Cost-Effective Dental Implant Services Providing High-Quality Results In Dunedin, FL

We Accept Most Dental Insurance Plans For Your Convenience

At The Dental Emergency, we are dedicated to providing cost-effective dental implant services without compromising on quality. Our goal is to make high-quality dental care in Dunedin accessible to everyone, ensuring that our patients receive the best possible results at an affordable price. We understand that dental procedures can be a significant investment, which is why we accept most dental insurance plans to help alleviate the financial burden. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with insurance claims and payment options, ensuring that the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Choose us for your dental implant needs and experience top-tier care that is both effective and economical, all while using the latest technology to deliver outstanding results.

Installation Process Of Our Dental Implants

Step-By-Step Guide To Our Dental Implant Procedure

Step 1: Evaluation And Consultation For Dental Implants

Evaluation & Consultation

The first step in our dental implant process is to schedule a consultation with one of our implant dentists to evaluate your condition.

Step 2: Dental Implant Placement At Our Office Near Dunedin

Placing The Implant

The next step is to place the titanium post into the jawbone where your tooth is missing.

Step 3: Osseointegration And Recovery After A Dental Implant Near Dunedin, FL

Osseointegration & Recovery

Once the titanium root is placed into the jawbone, we take some final impressions so that our ceramist can create the perfect crown for you.

Step 4: Crown Attachment On The Dental Implants

Attaching The Crown

Lastly, you receive your dental crown which will be made from porcelain or ceramic. Keep in mind that this last step can take a few months while recovering.

Why We’re Dunedin’s Top Choice Dental Implant Specialists

Premier Experts For Dental Implant Solutions Near Dunedin

Step 1: Durable And Permanent Dental Implants Near Dunedin

Durable & Permanent Implant Solutions

Experience lasting solutions with our durable and permanent dental implants, crafted from high-quality materials to mimic the strength and appearance of natural teeth. We ensure a seamless integration with your existing teeth for a stable solution.

Step 2: Precise Computer-Guided Implant Procedures Near Dunedin

Precise Computer-Guided Implant Procedures

Our computer-guided technology allows for meticulous planning and placement of implants, enhancing the accuracy of every procedure and minimizing potential complications. Trust us to obtain modern and safe results.

Step 3: Accurate, Reliable, And Consistent Surgical Methods

Accurate, Reliable & Consistent Surgical Methods

Our clinic is known for its accurate, reliable, and consistent surgical methods. We adhere to stringent standards to ensure every implant procedure is performed with utmost precision, offering high success rates.

Step 4: Efficient Dental Implant Surgeries With Short Recovery Times

Efficient Surgical Interventions With Brief Recovery Times

We specialize in efficient surgical interventions that ensure brief recovery times. Our minimally invasive techniques reduce post-operative discomfort and speed up the healing process, allowing you to return to your daily activities sooner.

Step 5: Proven Track Record Of Successful Dental Implant Procedures

Consistent Track Record Of Positive Surgical Outcomes

Our dental practice has a consistent track record of positive surgical outcomes. We are committed to maintaining high success rates and patient satisfaction through continuous improvement and adherence to best practices.

FAQs About Tooth Implants Services In Dunedin

Dental implants are preferred for tooth replacement due to their durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Unlike other options, implants offer a permanent solution that mimics the natural structure of teeth, integrating with the jawbone to support facial muscles and prevent bone loss. This integration helps maintain facial structure and oral health over time. Additionally, implants do not require alteration to adjacent teeth, which preserves more of the patient’s natural tooth structure compared to bridges. The result is a more natural look and feel that can enhance confidence and improve quality of life.
An ideal candidate for dental implant surgery is someone in good general health, with adequate jawbone density to support the implant. Non-smokers or those who have quit smoking have better outcomes, as smoking can impede the healing process. Patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease need careful evaluation to ensure they can safely undergo surgery and manage the post-surgical healing process without any long-term risk.
Good oral hygiene practices and regular dental visits are crucial to the success of the implant.
While dental implants have a high success rate, they are not free of risks. Potential complications can include infection at the implant site, injury or damage to surrounding structures such as teeth or blood vessels, nerve damage which can result in pain or numbness, sinus problems when upper jaw implants protrude into sinus cavities, and implant failure due to rejection or mechanical problems. Proper planning and execution by an experienced dental professional significantly reduce these risks, and ongoing post-operative care is crucial for preventing complications in the future.
Dental implants differ significantly from dentures and bridges in their design and function. Implants are surgically placed in the jawbone and act as a root for the artificial tooth, providing stable and permanent support. This process is quite different with dentures, as they are removable and can slip or cause discomfort. As for bridges, they rely on adjacent teeth for support and can lead to tooth decay and other issues. Implants also help preserve the jawbone and prevent the bone deterioration that can occur with dentures and bridges, leading to a more natural facial appearance.
To ensure long-term success with dental implants you need to maintain meticulous oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups. Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and using antimicrobial mouth rinses can help prevent infection around the implant site. Avoiding smoking, which can impair healing and decrease the longevity of the implant, is also crucial. Regular visits to your dentist for check-ups and cleanings will help monitor the health of your implant and the surrounding tissue, allowing early detection and management of potential issues.
If you accidentally injure your dental implants, it’s important to contact your dentist immediately, especially if you want to avoid long-term damage to your teeth. Avoid putting pressure on the injured area and maintain good oral hygiene to prevent infection. Your dentist will assess the damage and determine if adjustments, repairs, or replacements are necessary. A prompt professional evaluation is essential as it can prevent further complications and help maintain the integrity of the implant and surrounding tissue.
The duration of the dental implant procedure can vary depending on the number of implants and the complexity of the individual case. Typically, the surgical placement of a single implant may take about 1-2 hours. However, the entire process, including pre-surgical assessments, surgery, and healing time before final crown placement, can take several months. The bone must fuse adequately with the implant in a process called osseointegration, which can take a few months to complete.
Yes, dental implants can help prevent bone loss in the jaw. Unlike dentures or bridges, implants replace the root of the tooth as well as the crown, providing necessary stimulation to the jawbone to maintain its density and structure. This stimulation helps prevent the bone deterioration that commonly occurs with tooth loss, maintaining the structural integrity of the jaw and supporting facial features, which can prevent the sunken appearance often associated with aging and tooth loss.

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