Is it time to consider getting dentures? There’s a lot of information to sift through out there – from friends, family members and… the internet. All three can be a haven of misinformation. It can feel overwhelming.

Denture Myths near Clearwater Florida This is a very important decision to make… and blindly following the advice of the above sources can lead one down a bad… and expensive path, especially if it turns out that nothing was done.

These are just a few of the myths that are out there about dentures.  

No More Dental Visits

Once one gets the dentures in their mouths after the final fitting, they can say goodbye to the dentist. This thinking is especially strong in those who get full dentures – partial denture wearers still have to have their other teeth looked at. Full ones, though… what’s to worry about? Wrong.

A dentist still needs to check on one’s dentures routinely. One’s gums change shape, especially if teeth were extracted before the dentures, and that can create ill-fitting dentures, which can then make talking harder and cut into the gums which then can become infected. So, regular visits are still a necessity to check the fit and a re-lining may be in order. 

They Last a Long Time

When a person gets a set of dentures, that’s it. Nothing else will be needed for the rest of their lives. That’s a falsehood. They are durable, yes, but dental implants last FAR longer – like 15 more years on average. People need to get new dentures every 7-10 years due to their wearing down like regular teeth.

Dentures are made from a more delicate material since they have to be taken in and out and are not anchored like a dental implant is. They are also changed because of how one’s jaw shifts shape during the time that they are wearing the dentures, which requires a new fitting once the decade has passed. 

They Are Hard to Get Used to

People actually adjust to their dentures very quickly, even for those getting them for the first time. The dentist usually has them wear the dentures all the time for a while, which allows the patient to determine the best way to speak and how to eat with them in their mouth. Soon, they will be able to do this without having to think twice. 

They Look Fake

These are definitely not George Washington’s wooden teeth. Dental technology has vastly improved since then, and dentures can be crafted to follow the patient’s original tooth structure. There are a lot of people out there wearing dentures and no one is the wiser. Only ill-fitting dentures are noticeable and those can be fixed by a visit to the dentist.

Budget dentures, on the other hand, are made from lesser material and can’t be customized. Those are much easier for people to tell – though these can be a necessity for those on a tighter leash financially. 

Just Clean Them With Regular Toothpaste

It’s easy to clean your dentures. Just squeeze some regular toothpaste on your brush and scrub hard, right? No. You can really wear down your dentures by doing that… and that means an emergency trip to the dentist and a new set being made. Instead, get toothpaste that’s made for dentures and use a soft-bristled brush while using a gentler brushing motion. Not doing that can make them quite dirty and unsanitary – even if you soak them overnight.

This is the tip of the iceberg – there are a lot of other myths out there. Just do diligent research while ensuring that the source is a reputable one, like the American Dental Association. Dentures can greatly help people’s lives and their confidence levels. It’d be a shame if they didn’t get them due to a lack of knowledge.

Dentures are definitely an option for patients at the Dental Emergency Room. The staff will walk patients through any misconceptions that they may have… and since they also do general dentistry, they are an excellent place to go for follow-up visits.

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