What’s Next in dental field Dental Emergency Room in Clearwater, FL explains It’s hard to believe that dental technology has only really moved forward over the past 60 years. Before that, barbers used to perform tooth care. Now it’s a highly specialized field with innovations constantly being made.

Here are some of the things that are on the horizon for the dental field.

Smart Toothbrushes

The simple toothbrush, which in of itself was a quantum leap from using paste on a stick, has seen many innovations over the years in terms of its design. There have been different brush heads, sleeker, thicker. Then came electric toothbrushes. That made the work even easier.

Today, people use smartphones, smart appliances, smart watches… it only makes sense that the next innovation will be smart toothbrushes. These will likely have sensors to tell when brush heads need to be replaced and then even order them online

. It may have games on it to show kids how to properly brush.

Video Exams

There are people out there who like living away from people. They find even the suburbs to be too crowded. While that can afford them peace of mind, it also means they may have to travel a good amount to see a doctor or a dentist. That often leads to dental emergencies.

Life may get easier for them with video exams. All they will need is a smart phone or a computer with a camera. A dentist can do an exam with that set-up. It would largely be consultation, since they can’t do remote cleanings – yet.

While these may not completely replace the dental visits – there’s only so much a dentist can glean from video, but it can make life much easier for those who live in rural areas. All they need is an internet connection.

Digital x-Rays

Right now, one thing that people hate hearing when they plop into the dental chair: “You need to have X-Rays..” Yes, it’s important for the dentist to keep track of any potential issues with one’s teeth – but those bite plates are annoying.

Enter digital X-rays. They can take so much better quality images… and in 3-D. The dentist can get them immediately and not have to look at fuzzy pictures on a lightboard. The amount of radiation is much less, too. 

Things are always improving in the dental field. Getting stellar results while maximizing the dentist’s time and the patient’s comfort. The future looks bright for both groups.

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