The Importance Of Having An Emergency Dentist In Florida

When it comes to emergency dentistry, it begs the question: What qualifies as a dental emergency? Is it a matter of interpretation or are there things that are always an emergency?

There are a lot of things in Clearwater that can bring about a dental emergency. This fact only stresses the importance of having an emergency dentist in Florida. Read on to learn more.

What Is Considered a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is when you are at risk of losing your tooth or needing emergency work, like a root canal. You need to go to an emergency room, either a regular one or a dental one if it’s nearby. By doing this, you increase the chance that the dentist there will be able to save your tooth and keep it in your mouth. This is not a scenario where you can wait for a day or two.

Other things to look out for include severe pain and bleeding in your mouth. Your teeth may be loose. There may be knots and swelling around your gums or your cheeks.

There are things that are NOT a dental emergency. They include a chipped tooth that is painless, a lost crown or filling, and mild toothaches. You can wait over a weekend to see a dentist on Monday if that is the case.

Common Dental Emergencies

A girl having a severe dental emergency in Clearwater, FL

Knocked-Out Or Broken Teeth After An Accident

It can happen during a sporting event… like an errant elbow as you come down with a rebound in basketball or you didn’t move out of the way of a hockey puck fast enough. You might bite down on a piece of food and hear a crack and see a jagged line on your tooth.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

These can cause a lot of problems since the tooth does not have room to come out properly. This can affect your entire mouth, so you need to have the wisdom tooth extracted as soon as possible.

Broken Orthodontic Appliances

Whether it’s a bracket for your headgear that slipped off, a broken wire on your braces, a dog chewing up your retainer, or a torn mouthguard, you need to get this fixed quickly so you don’t halt the progress you made in straightening your mouth.

An Abscessed Tooth

Here’s a situation where bacteria can rapidly grow and give you a very bad infection. That bacteria can enter your bloodstream and cause a multitude of other health issues, including heart problems and even some types of cancer if not treated fast.

How To Handle a Dental Emergency

It’s important to move quickly in the event of something happening with your teeth. What you do all depends on the situation. If you:

Have a Tooth Knocked Out

You get it and first see if you can put it back in the socket (clean it off first). If not, keep it either in milk or a special solution for teeth. Swish your mouth out with warm salt water to get rid of bacteria. Go seek emergency dental care.

Have Extreme Tooth Pain

You can put numbing gel on the area. Go seek emergency dental care.

Have a Broken Orthodontic Appliance

man suffering from severe tooth pain in Clearwater, FL You bring it with you to the emergency dentist. They may be able to repair it, such as applying glue to a broken bracket or putting in a new wire on braces. They may be able to give you a temporary replacement for other broken things.

Dental emergencies can be scary, but if you are prepared, then you can minimize both the stress of rushing to the dentist and the possibility of losing a tooth. Be sure to buy certain things like tooth gel and have it in a place where you know you can get it quickly without having to search around. If you are playing a sporting event, you can even wear a mouth guard to try to protect your teeth.

After you have seen the Clearwater emergency dentist, you may need to have more work done over the coming days. Be sure to follow their instructions when you are recuperating. Then you can go back out and enjoy yourself with your everyday activities… with just a little more attention to protecting your teeth.

Our Clearwater Dentists Are Available 24/7 For All Dental Emergencies

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