Dental Myths, Dental Emergency Room in Clearwater, FL explains It can be so easy to look up information on the Internet. Just go to your favorite search engine and enter your query. The problem is that many answers then pop up – and due to the ease of setting up one’s own web domain, it can be quite difficult to trust the veracity of the information.

Even with websites devoted to dispelling false information, there are stubborn untruths that still linger. Those myths can extend to the dentist’s office… and listening to them can be quite expensive. 

Here are some of those false statements and the truth:

Brush Your Teeth Harder To Clean Them

Whoops. It’s been a couple of days since you last did a truly diligent toothbrushing job. No problem- just grip that brush tightly and scrub, scrub, scrub away to get that build-up off. Right?

No. Your teeth are not like the bathroom floor that has grout. Brushing hard or using a hard-bristled brush can wind up doing not insignificant damage to your teeth. Your teeth are protected by enamel and brushing too hard can erode that. It can also irritate your gums and cause bleeding.

Not Flossing Isn’t That Big a Deal

There has been such a quantum leap in toothbrush technology over the past couple of decades. Electric toothbrushes do so much of the work and they can get so many food particles. That means you don’t have to floss, right?

If this were a game show, a giant red X would appear on the screen now, accompanied by a loud buzzer. Flossing is still vitally important to get rid of food particles that get between the teeth. Not even electric toothbrushes can reach those areas. 

Leave Bleeding Gums Alone

You’re flossing your teeth and you see blood. Oops. Best to leave those gums alone and let them heal, right? No. This usually happens if you’ve neglected your flossing for a while – and this opens the door for inflammation. If you do resume regular flossing, then you should see the bleeding become scanter and scanter until there’s no more.

Only Go To Dentist If a Tooth Hurts

This was often the way of thinking before the 1950s. People only saw the dentist if there was a problem. Regular check-ups were unheard of. Then came new dental guidelines that called for twice-yearly check-ups.

People may think that it’s OK to forgo these check-ups if they still brush and floss their teeth. This may not get all parts of the mouth, though, and these dental visits can allow the dentist or hygienist to catch things well in advance.

The staff at Dental Emergency Room has heard many, if not all, of these myths over the course of their careers. They will be happy to correct anything during an appointment. Call today: 727-449-2424.